Metal packaging should not be underestimated

2019-01-23 09:35

Nowadays, internationally recognized metal packaging is "the safest and most environmentally friendly product", and its potential for future development is huge. China has now become the second largest metal packaging manufacturing country in the world, and a large number of large metal packaging industry groups are emerging. These enterprises and canned foods Career to strengthen communication and collaboration, complete the format of the joint development has now formed. Food metal packaging has many advantages, such as ensuring food safety, environmental protection and so on.

    As one of the four packaging materials, metal packaging is widely used in food, beverage and daily chemical industry with its excellent insulation function, recyclability, outstanding mechanical processing function and special appearance metallic luster. Now, internationally recognized metal Packaging is "the safest and most environmentally friendly product" and has great potential for future development.


    Metal packaging boosts small canned beverages faster


    According to the inquiry from the US business consulting company, the planning of the international beverage can shopping mall will increase to 60 billion US dollars in 2024. Compared with 2015, the increase will be as high as 55%, especially in India, Mexico, Thailand and so on.


    The increase in beverage cans in developed countries is expected, and the increase in small-capacity beverage cans will be more significant. In Europe and Central and South America, demand for energy drinks, coffee drinks and iced tea beverages will continue to rise, and beverage cans will also be It will increase rapidly.


    Metal packaging escorts canned food safety


    Now China has become the second largest producer of metal packaging in the world. A large number of large-scale metal packaging industry groups are emerging. These companies have strengthened communication and collaboration with the canned food profession, and the format of the joint development has now been formed. The development of the key aspects of China's metal packaging industry, which is carried out around canned foods, has significant technological innovations, such as production equipment, raw material selection, safety index control, handling of toxic and hazardous substances, effective detection of heavy metals, and shelf life of extended products. It gradually shows the uniqueness of metal packaging and plays an increasingly wide range of effects in ensuring food safety.


    Metal packaging highlights the advantages of extended food storage and retractable use


    Metal packaging can extend the shelf life and shelf life of the food. Regardless of the content, the packaging date of the metal packaging product can exceed one year, which is not achieved by other packaging methods.


    In addition, metal is the real environmental champion in packaging materials. It is irresistible in any packaging materials in terms of waste recovery, safe use, cost, renewability and minimizing resource consumption. The environmental characteristics of metals are often Those that blindly compete for attracting consumers' attention, but it is a real sustainable packaging material.


    Innovation is still the best way to accelerate the development of metal packaging


    In the packaging industry, where the shopping malls and consumer demand are increasingly improving, packaging planners are required to constantly become different in order to get used to the different needs of consumers. Metal packaging is not an exception, such as the use of temperature-sensitive inks in metal packaging cans; metal cans pull The innovation of the ring; the planning of new cans, as well as various personalized and humanized plans have been sought after by consumers.


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