D Systems strengthens metal 3D printing market layout and launches one-stop software solution 3DXpert

2019-01-23 09:31

Why is 3DXpert ideal for metal 3D printing?


    Professional needs require professional software. Metal additive manufacturing has unique requirements that differ from plastic and other materials for 3D printing. That's why you need software specifically for metal printing needs. Built on the special needs of metal 3D printing, 3DXpertTM helps you easily prepare and optimize metal print parts, allowing you to quickly print high quality parts.


    An integrated solution that covers the entire process. 3DXpertTM is a single integrated solution covering the entire metal additive manufacturing process. There are no longer several different solutions to get the job done. 3DXpert? provides everything you need - import part data, optimize geometry and lattice creation, calculate scan paths, arrange build platforms, send them to printers, and even process finished products when necessary, all in one software solution Completed in the program.


    More flexible handling of various geometries, quality and speed double insurance. 3DXpert? has created a new era of component preparation for 3D printing. 3DXpertTM allows you to seamlessly use both B-rep? (boundary representation for solids or surfaces) and triangular patch formats (such as STL). 3DXpertTM eliminates the need to convert solid or surface data to the mesh surface for improved data quality and integrity. You can operate in any format, save a lot of valuable time, and have the flexibility to make changes to the model using history-based parametric CAD tools at any stage of the process.


    Enjoy the ultimate combination of automation and total user control. 3DXpertTM provides the ideal combination of tools that allow you to control the various parameters and aspects of the entire design and manufacturing process while automating repetitive tasks. Develop your own printing strategy by leveraging the pre-defined optimal execution parameters for each printer, material, and printing strategy to get the most out of your printer, or by using new scan path calculation methods and parameters.


    Optimize the printing strategy, shorten the printing time, and ensure print quality. 3DXpert assigns optimal printing strategies to different areas and automatically blends them into one scan path to minimize part time while maintaining component integrity. The unique and versatile printing strategy takes into account design intent and part geometry to create an effective scanning path that can cope with 3D metal printing challenges.


    Work with 3D experts. As a leading direct metal 3D printer manufacturer and a professional manufacturing software vendor, 3D Systems has a unique position to provide a complete solution that meets the needs of professional users, regardless of the printer they use. As an industry leader, we provide comprehensive expertise, and when you need help, our global technical support team will help you get your business done.

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